Mission Statement:

We, the people of St. John XXIII parish, strive to be a welcoming community, prayerfully guided by the Holy Spirit, becoming holy, healthy Catholic disciples.

History of the Parish

St. John XXIII Parish was founded on July 1, 2014. The parish came to be after a merger of the former St. Mary Parish in Hemlock, Sacred Heart Parish in Merrill and St. Patrick Parish, Ryan which has a Merrill mailing address.

This merger came to be from a decree from Most Rev. Joseph Cistone, bishop of the Diocese of Saginaw along with many other mergers that took place in the diocese.
The name of the parish was selected from a number of possibilities that were suggested from the parishioners of the former parishes and the combined leadership chose St. John XXIII because of the close connection between the desire of the parish to be known for things such as: good liturgy modeled on post Vatican II liturgical theology; Ecumenism with the other denominations in the Hemlock, Merrill, Wheeler and Breckenridge area; an importance on outreach through active Christian Service; and other factors that were mirrored in the life of Pope John XXIII. It is the hope of the parishioners of St. John XXIII Parish.

Some information about our churches:

The name of our parish is St. John XXIII Parish. This means that the community of the faithful belong to a parish and the name of ours is St. John XXIII Parish.

We do have three church sites though with each one retaining the name of the church building it was consecrated as when new: St. Mary church in Hemlock, Sacred Heart church in Merrill and St. Patrick church, Ryan. In the merger, each of these church buildings was given a designation as to how they should be used for worship.