Councils & Commissions


Pastoral Council

Serving as advisors to the Parochial Administrator, the Pastoral Council is the group of parishioners who work on visioning for the future of the parish and long term planning for St. John XXIII Parish. The members of the Council are:  Greg Bales, Merle Davis, Bill Fleming, John Griesmayer, Jean Heinz, Renny Rohde, Larry Schmitz, Marlene Searles, Mary Pat Siler, Angela Weslock and Stephanie Zelinko.

Finance Council

The Finance Council is composed of people who have some background in finances and see to the allocating of parish funds in a way that promotes the Mission of the Church, working within the vision set by the Parochial Administrator and the Pastoral Council. The members of the Finance Council are:  Norma Brown, Bill Fleming, Mike Manzoni, Russ Milan, Jerry Rohde, and Larry Schmitz.


Worship Commission

The Worship Commission meets to discuss the worshiping needs of the parish. This group of parishioners are formed in the Church’s teaching concerning liturgy and worship and thus prepare the Rites of the Church as well as the training of liturgical ministers. These people are an integral part of the liturgical life of St. John XXIII Parish.

Christian Service Commission

Outreach to those in need is a basic mandate given to us by Jesus Christ himself. Our Christian Service Commission works with the parish resources, both financial as well as human and physical, to serve the needs of the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the sick, and those with genuine needs.

Education/Faith Formation Commission

The Faith Formation Commission assists, promotes and supports parishioners in understanding that the entire parish community has responsibilities for participating in the evangelization and teaching mission of Jesus entrusted to the Church. The Commission’s responsibilities, in cooperation with Diocese and parish staff members, include developing, promoting and evaluating programs that address all aspects of education and faith formation.

Within the structure of the Commission, many committees are at work addressing the major areas that include:

Adult Faith Formation
Children Faith Formation
Youth/Young Adult Ministry