Adult and Community

RCIA —  This program is designed for those wishing to become Catholic and those who are Catholic and who wish to learn more about Catholic teaching. The Church’s mission is to “make disciples”–followers of Jesus Christ.  To be a disciple is to be a learner (one who is engaged in a process of learning about him, the master). This process is a “life long” commitment and endeavor.

The RCIA program seeks to foster the faith-life of participants.  Some may have formerly belong to some other tradition. Thus, the program is designed primarily for those seeking to join the Catholic Church.  The RCIA Program helps people learn and grow in their faith, gain knowledge of the Church, and contemplate if they are called to be a member of it.

BIBLE STUDY – Sessions are offered at the Parish Center in Hemlock.  All are invited (times posted in the bulletin).

COMMITTEES (ministries) – Parishioners are involved with many different “outreaches,” e.g., feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, comforting those who mourn, serving in liturgical roles, choir, musical accompaniment, administrative volunteer, community building, etc.   All are encouraged to find their apostolic “niche,” e.g., help with the regional pantry, prepare funeral luncheons, serve within music ministry, help with office work, or some other role.  The parish office  can provide a list of opportunities that exist.