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RCIA —  those wishing to become catholic and those who are catholic to dig deeper into what we believe as catholics. The mission of our church is to “make disciples” – followers of Jesus Christ. To be a disciple is to be a learner. To be a disciple of Jesus Christ is to be engaged in a process of learning about him; the master. This process is a “life long” commitment and endeavor.

In the RCIA program people are coming to an awakening of their faith. This may be in another non-Catholic church or no formal religious education. Thus, there is a seeking to join the Catholic church. In the RCIA Program people simply learn and grow in their faith, gain knowledge of the church and contemplate if they are called to be a member of our Church.

BIBLE STUDY – Classes are held on Mondays at 6:30 p.m. at the Parish Center (Hemlock). Come and bring a friend and your bible for class discussion. Everyone is invited – young and old!!  ( No Bible Study February 19 to April 16 – begins again April 23).


MARIAN CONSECRATION RETREAT — 33 Days to Morning Glory Retreat.  A 6 week small-group retreat in preparation for Marian Consecration.  This retreat is based on the popular book by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, “33 Days to Morning Glory.”

Marian Retreats:

Part 1:  33 Days to Morning Glory (4 Weeks)

Part 2: Consoling the Heart of Jesus (6 Weeks)

It’s suggested that you attend Part 1 before 2 so you can maximize your learning opportunity.

The only requirement for this retreat is the willingness to Read, Ponder and Pray, possibly, very possibly, experiencing incredible Graces in your life.

To sign up or for additional information, please contact Todd Ostrowski at

Links to materials:

St john 23 marian consecration presentation

Retreat companion gude for questions

Week 1 – Companion Book

Week 2 – Companion Book

Week 3 Companion Book

Week 4 Companion Book

Week 5 Companion Book