May 25, 2020 7:22 pm

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I think of those Humane Society commercials that show one pup after the other—born into a world to suffer cruelty. Or I see people hunt elephants or giraffes–for what? The thrill of killing an innocent, beautiful, endangered creature who just wants to live as you want to live? Extend this reflection to people, and surely you are moved, at least a little, to support some organization that actually heals or helps them in some way.

Maybe this viral period has made a tiny inroad into our minds and hearts and moved us to ask: why be so prodigal in our consumerism, our self-absorption. Since scripture tells OUR story, we ARE the prodigal son or the prodigal daughter! And this lockdown has forced us to consider a life-change in our investment of time, energy, interest.

Which is why I actually like the symbolism of how we will start receiving communion. Not until the mass has been dismissed (“Go in peace”) will people line up—observing social distance—and receive. The distributor will say “The body of Christ” and we will reply “Amen.”

Remember—when you hear “The body of Christ,” it is a question. “Will you go from here and BE the body of Christ?” And your “Amen” is “Yes!” And out the door you go—symbolizing your apostolic commission to go spread the “good news” by your way of interacting with people. We go outside to be the “real presence” of the risen Lord–alive in the world.
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