May 9, 2020 7:41 pm

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[Caution: if one doesn’t know scripture or read about the meaning of the gospels, or listen to homilies, or subscribe to religious journals/newspapers, or is hypnotized by some interpreter of the gospel who is not sound—then it’s hard for one to really know WHAT Jesus might say on any given topic. After all, even different Christians express different positions on different matters—and so are apparently “hearing” Jesus in different ways. Even within the Catholic Church, newspapers exist which lock horns with one another on different issues. So this technique doesn’t always help. But for some people, it might.]
So in the above paragraphs, I noted what Lent is SUPPOSED to be. The lockdown has just been an extension of that period—so take advantage of it. I look forward to seeing you–risen from your tombs—prepared to BRING resurrection to others in your own unique way.
Emerging from mine, I do not want to be like the travelers to Emmaus and not recognize Jesus when he’s right in front of me. Instead, I pray to be like them later on when they recalled him walking with them—and being with them at church in Ryan, Merrill, and Hemlock—appearing as a parishioner in the pew.
When, and in whatever form, we eventually gather as a faith community, just know that I look forward to once again walking with you on the road to Emmaus.
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