May 9, 2020 7:42 pm

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Lent is SUPPOSED to be a time we get in touch with the prejudices we carry—prejudices toward individuals or toward groups of them. We carry attitudes that express themselves when we say: “You know how men/women are!” “You know how those people are.” “I don’t like you.” “I hate you.” “You’re not as good as . . .” These types of mind-sets might relate to a personal experience that was hurtful—but do you dismiss someone such that in YOUR eyes, they will NEVER be the child of God who GOD knows them to be. P.S. God knows them better than you do—and God loves them for something you or I apparently don’t see. Prejudice prevents us from allowing one to surprise us.
Lent is SUPPOSED to be a time when we get in touch with our addictions—and ask for God’s help in overcoming them.
There are all sorts of techniques that people employ during Lent to address and be able to deal with our various “issues.” One of them is the following. If in a discussion or argument about any issue—at home, or work, or anywhere—and you’re hearing positions stated, you might not know WHAT to think about the matter being discussed.
At such times, it MIGHT help to replay what was said, and then try and determine which statements most resemble the tone of Jesus in the gospels. E.g., “Does that sound like something Jesus would say?” If it does—then THAT’S the position you and I are called to adopt. If it’s NOT, it’s the position we are called by our baptism/Church membership/Christian identity–to oppose. However, I no sooner offer this technique for discernment, then the following needs to be raised.
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